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Review of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research Submission

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Specific comments: 
Guide Section 3

It is a major breach to have Exception From Informed Consent research conducted, and not advise the community that this is potentially going to happen when they are diagnosed as being in an 'emergency'. So, why is the Code not outlining this? While it is appreciated that an array of Australian psychiatrists have published papers that indicate that EFIC/ Emergency Research/ Research Without Consent was happening, after it happened, people need to be pre-warned when they do not wish to participate, and have a means through which to stop medicos from conducting EFIC Research, they don't want to be part of.

It is a major breach to have Research Without Consent conducted, when it constitutes Forced, or Coerced (under duress) Human Experimentation. This kind of research is regularly conducted by psychiatrists, who profit by this research. This must be stopped. To hold a person for a long duration, for Human Research, should not be allowable in medico ethics in a democracy, especially Australia, since Australia are signatures to the UN CRPD, UNCAT and other conventions that forbid using humans for forced human experimentation. Australia's medical ethics codes need to comply with UN CRPD that is signed and ratified, otherwise NHMRC is frustrating this Convention, as well as UNCAT. And might be subjected to legal liabilities for doing so.

If a person, medico, or otherwise, undertaking Forced Human Experimentation, subjects a person to cruel inhuman treatment, against their expressed wish, not only does this constitute a Servitude Offense under The Australian Crimes Act, it is also assault. (People who voluntarily enter into Human Experimentation, are usually encouraged to do so because of the high amount of money they recieve. Most people don't want to do this job though, and people subjected to it forcefully would pay not to be enslaved in this manner as a laboratory specimen). There is the Nuremberg Code to consider as well, of which Australia is a signature to, and anti-slavery conventions, which are implemented into our laws.

Disability, or a diagnosis of, does not give medicos a right to forcefully experiment on humans. This must be part of the Code. The UN CRPD signed and ratified in 2008 must be part of the Code, otherwise NHMRC is liable, to be prosecuted for servitude and assault, since NHMRC puts no means through which to do much more than 'Demotion, Suspension or Termination' of medicos conducting research that constitutes an offense, and puts no means in which to investigate Servitude, Assault and sometimes direct Murder/ Manslaughter. This must immediately be corrected.

Specific consultation questions
Question 1: Do you like the new approach to the Code, namely the principles-based document being supported by several guides that provide advice on implementation?: 
There are not enough provisions to stop Research Without Consent/ Exception from Informed Consent research under 'emergency' settings, which in the case of psychiatry, it seems anyone who refuses psychiatric 'treatments' is an 'emergency' and people can remain in 'emergency' status for the rest of their life, despite being able to articulate that they neither want to be arbitrarily detained by psychiatry, nor do they want to participate in what can only be considered as Forced Human Research. Attempting to call chemicals that disable, brain-damage and make a person's life worse, 'life-saving' or 'helpful' is not only incorrect, it is really offensive to the person assaulted by psychiatrists in this manner. To say the torturous procedures of Forced Psychiatry are 'medicine' is ridiculous. They not helpful, they are being forced, the medicos are profiting from this research without consent, and, the person is not even being paid for this. This cruel inhuman treatment constitutes torture. The principles of the Code need to reflect that they will crack down on this wide-spread EFIC research conducted by psychiatrists, that use Mental Health Laws to force cruel inhuman treatments on the people they mentally-ill. Please restore some integrity to research and medicine. The abuses of psychiatry over the last 209 years have shown no abating in their devastation of human lives.
Question 2:The draft Code is intended to be used by all research disciplines. Do the principles adequately capture the expectations for responsible research across all research disciplines?: 
The draft Code does not adequately capture the expectations. There need to be: - Community awareness prior to EFIC research/ RWC/ Emergency Research, via media publications that all community member can access - All EFIC research/ RWC/ Emergency Research must be listed well before it occurs - Community must be allowed to be given a way to indicate they do not want to be part of EFIC research/ RWC/ Emergency Research - Mental Health Laws must not be used to conduct EFIC research/ RWC/ Emergency Research
Question 3: The draft Guide refers to breaches of the Code rather than providing a definition of research misconduct, and states that institutions can decide whether or not to use the term research misconduct in their own processes.: 
The guide does not give easy pathways when for people who are being subjected to Forced Human Experimentation. The guide need to make this emergency situation easier to stop, where a person is being tortured under the guise of medicine, but really for the purposes of EFIC research. Too many people have died from forced psychiatric treatments in Australia, too many people have been injured, too many people's lives have been taken into servitude for whitecoat profits.
Question 4: Do you think the process described for investigating and managing potential breaches of the Code is clearly described and practical?: 
There needs to be informing of police, if researchers are breaching Human Rights under UN CRPD, UN CAT. Forced Human Experimentation is not something that should be skipped over, given that so many papers from Australian psychiatrists indicate that they did their invasive cruel research without consent of the person, for years, or even decades.
Question 5: The Code Review Committee and working group are considering what additional resources should be developed to support implementation of the Code and Guide.: 
Legal cases, would be appropriate. Indicating Forced Human Experimentation is illegal, must be in the code, or The Code is unethical.
Question 6: Are the mechanisms for review of an investigation clearly and correctly described in Section 7.6 of the Guide? If not, where are the inaccuracies?: 
There must be no conflicts of interest in those investigating, and if there is, there should be penalties for that.
Question 7: Please comment on which three topics you would nominate as being the highest priority and why.: 
The role of research integrity offices - What they're going to do to stop Forced Human Experimentation The role of research integrity advisors - How they are going to stop Forced Human Experimentation - Expert witnesses, who are victims of forced psychiatry should be involved in gaining integrity Conflicts of interest - When evidence is presented merely so that the researcher can be funded again for more research, particularly when psychiatric drugs/ procedures are involved
General comments

There needs to be recognised breaches of ethics that have occured in 2017 and prior, under the guise of 'medical treatment', which is in fact research without consent.

There needs to be recognition that 'emergency' isn't defined in the code, and Psychiatrists regularly diagnose anyone, who won't agree with them, in order to use people in EFIC research. There should be no exception from informed consent research going on, it should not even be a term used in ethical research, the public must be pre-warned about research that will potentially effect them, and sign up for it, if they wish to take part of it, otherwise medicos should not do research on them.

Invasive, torturous psychiatric Research Without Consent, must be stopped.

Over 600 Victorian, Australians every year are given this so called 'treatment' against their will. And by that I mean, they actively apply to a tribunal to stop it from being administered. In Australia, these people, because they're innocent of crime, don't even have the right to legal representation. The brain damaging treatment is rubber stamped, without consent, administered as many times as the psychiatrists wish. General Anaesthetic alone is dangerous, and for some will kill. Advanced Directives, person's obvious wishes to not be experimented on with electricity are ignored. Garth Daniels (a witness who went public and applied to the [NHMRC has removed third party information]  for the abuse to stop) was abused with ECT over 115 times in a year. ECT is used as a threat to get people to be compliant with drugs that cause them to be so intoxicated they cannot stay awake most of the day, let alone drive a vehicle, or work full time. How dare anyone try to peddle EFIC research, this is the worst kind of Research Without Consent, that makes a lot of money for those who force it, but really should be recognised as a servitude offense, for those who would pay to stop the abuse, who would choose to be Human Experiment. Stop this disgusting abuse of human lives. Any country who does this to their people is not a democracy.

Page reviewed: 17 September, 2018